Google Plus Stories

Google just automatically created a story of our trip to Bali from the photos I uploaded to Google Plus Album. Awesome. Impressed. I am not a fan of G+. But this one is just mind blowing.

Uber Promo Code For Free Ride

Uber coupon code. Use the following link, download the app and get a free ride.

Uber Promo Code For Free Ride

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FireFtp Has Become Unusable after Firefox 37.0.2 Update

FireFtp is now literally unusable after Firefox released the latest update – version 37.0.2

Firefox gets stuck whenever i open FireFtp. It takes a hell lot of time to change directories in the Ftp addon.

OS: Windows Vista

Firefox Hello is Interesting

Tried Firefox Hello video chat. A good feature. Now there is no need to download skype for a video chat. Video chat right from the browser.

Moto G sold out in Flipkart within a few hours

Motorola Moto G got a grand debut in India. TimeOfIndia had a full page advertisement about the launch of the phone on 06/02/2014. The mobile phone was exclusively sold only on

The bookings started at 12 midnight and within a few hours, Flipkart showed Out Of Stock banner. Looks like there were lots of folks desperately waiting for the phone to be launched in India.

Update: Flipkart restarted the sale at 12 noon.

Reddit – A good source for quality visitors

Never knew that reddit gives you good quality traffic to websites compared to Facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

Bookmyshow Down?

Bookmyshow couldn’t handle the traffic for Dhoom 3. Bookings are not working.

Shopping Portals and Usability

Looks like most of the ecommerce websites are not worried about usability. Most of the online shopping website have become too difficult to use now a days. Too many offer and promotional banners, popups, multilevel navigation menus, sliders etc etc. And in most of the cases, you will endup in clicking on an unwanted link or banner. Finding offer coupons was even more difficult. These guys make sure that you are totally confused about the hundreds of offers they provide. Flipkart was pretty clean during the initial years. But, that is history now.

Flipkart increased the price just before the start of Great Online Shopping Festival

Around 400 rupees was increased for Sony Xperia M mobile phone overnight.

Update: Saw that they reduced the price after 2 hours. May be because all other sites were selling at a lesser price.

I bought the phone from

More than 500 testimonials for our website

Happy to see that the number of testimonials for our site has crossed 500.

And the latest one goes like this – “The best site to buy or sell superbikes. Thanks to the team”. 🙂

Looks like the person who wrote this comment had just sold his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle through the site.