Ernakulam – Pala and Ernakulam – Kottayam Low Floor Bus Timigs

Update on 25-10-2013
Looks like KSRTC has stopped this service. Please check with them before planning your journey.


Please note that i am not 100% sure about the timings. You are requested to contact the KSRTC enquiry room to confirm the timings.


Ernakulam KSRTC Phone Number : 0484-2372033

If there is any change in the timings, please help others by commenting below this post.


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Bus timings for Kochi – Pala and Kochi – Kottayam Low Floor Volvo KSRTC Bus Timings.

KSRTC Bus Timings for Cochin Pala Volvo

KSRTC Bus Timings for Cochin Pala Volvo Service

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There are some changes in timings.

From Ernakulam to Pala :
Ernakulam KSRTC Bus Stand – 4:20 PM
Vytilla Mobility Hub – Around 4:40 PM
Nadakkavu – Around 4:55 PM

From Pala To Ernakulam :
Pala KSRTC Bus Stand – 6:10 PM


  • Maria Sebastian says:

    Thank you, Mr. Arun Thomas for this very useful Information-LINK which you have provided. As I am married & resident in Ernakulam, and travel often to Pala, your link is very helpful. However, do let us know whether the Starting-Point from Ernakumal is either: Kaloor Bus Stand OR Vytilla Hub ? …. Thank you.

    • Arun Thomas KB says:

      The starting point is Ernakulam KSRTC bus stand. But it will halt at Vytila Mobility Hub. I doubt whether it will halt at Kaloor Private Bus Stand.

      I am not 100% sure about this. Please check with KSRTC to get the latest schedule and stops.

  • faisal says:

    thanks, arun. very informative. could you tell from kochin airport ,which will be the nearest bus station ( considering the seat availability in the bus also)option to catch this pala bus .


    • Sandeep says:

      there are volvo buses from airport also. it goes to fort kochi via vytilla. I don’t have the exact timings, but you won’t have to wait for morethan an hour.
      there are a few services to angamaly and even one service to vaikom.

  • SACHU says:

    thankyou…………ARUN for ur valuable information

  • Rinju Rajan Mathew says:

    hey arun,
    Could you please collect some information about the revised timing of that ernakulam – pala volvo bus.earlier it was at 5.10 pm from ekm the new time is unknown..ksrtc enquiry too is totally confused..they give diffrent timings like 5.30,5.10, 4.30 etc..but the conductor of the volvo bus told that the revised time is 4.20..till that day, i have never seen that bus again..

  • Rinju Rajan Mathew says:

    is there any exclusive number for the enquiry of volvo low floor buses frm ernakulam?

  • jacob Thomas says:

    society is what you are.thank you for being a wonderful human being.

  • rakesh says:

    Hai Arun,

    Thanku very much for the information man..very usefull…
    one for all and all for one…

  • @r)un Boney says:

    Arun Thanks for the info… much appreciated… 🙂

  • Sandeep says:

    thanks from an xmecian 🙂

  • Al says:

    I was trying to find this info on the KSRTC site and you would think essential info like bus timings would be there, instead they have all kinds of useless photos and info on inaugurations, politicians, and how good their “service” is. These incompetent fools!

    Thanks Arun.

  • Ninish says:

    I have searched the web but I could not find whether a low floor bus is operating from Trivandrum to kollam and vice versa. If u know about this pls help me

    • AJ says:

      Currently, as of July 2014, there are two interesting volvo services from Ernakulam.

      The first one, TVM via Kottayam starts from Ernakulam KSRTC Stand at 3.00 PM everyday. Reaches Kottayam around 5.00 PM.
      The return trip, TVM to Ernakulam VIA Kottayam, reaches Kottayam at 11.00 AM and reaches Ernakulam around 1.00 PM.

      Not sure about the Kollam route timings.
      I think there are multiple (2 or 3) daily services on the Kollam route.
      Not yet sure about more than 1 daily service on the Kottayam route.
      Will try to enquire and update.

  • manu says:

    Good news.but there is only one low floor from ernakulam to ktym please introduce more low floors here in kottayam

  • Jayan says:

    The KSRTC on 17th Dec., 2014, Wednesday approached the Kerala High Court seeking permission to ply buses allotted to Kochi city under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) to destinations outside the city limits and to conduct special service for the Sabarimala pilgrims from Ernakulam.

    The High Court had passed an order refraining the KSRTC from conducting the service of low-floor buses out of the city.The KSRTC submitted that there was a change in circumstances with regard to the operation of JNNURM service in the state. The Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee meeting held on September 24, 2013, decided to grant fund for JNNRUM buses for the five clusters in the state.

    Now the entire state of Kerala comes under the JNNURM Scheme and it was accepted due to the geographical and road condition and density of population of the state. Unlike Tamil Nadu and Karnataka or other states, almost all the parts of the state of Kerala are thickly populated. As per the guidelines of the Central government related to the funding and purchasing of JNNURM buses, formation of special purpose vehicle for the operation and maintenance of these buses is mandatory.

    Under the circumstances, the Central government has recommended that the model implemented by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation for operation of buses purchased under the scheme would be ideal to the state. A large number of professionals are coming to Ernakulam town from centres like Kottayam, Thrissur, Alappuzha, Thodupuzha and Pala. There is a demand from every corner of public for conducting AC low-floor buses to the stations. And there is a demand to ply AC low-floor bus services to Pamba for Sabarimala pilgrims. Hence, the KSRTC has sought a directive to modify its earlier order passed on September 24, 2013, refraining it from plying the buses out of the city so as to operate the buses to nearby cities like Alappuzha, Thrissur, Kottayam, Thodupuzha and Pala.

  • Jayan says:

    Could someone write here the latest status of the case.

  • Rajes says:

    Very good

  • giby says:

    You know the existing low floor bus ksrtc even stopped. Now there is no low floor bus from cochin to pala or return. I got this info from pala ksrtc today.

  • John says:

    I just called in the ksrtc number given above and was told that there is no Volvo bus starting from vyttila hub to palai

    Are you sure there are buses b/w pala and ernakulam?

  • Rocky says:

    Very useful information – thank you. I wonder why I cannot find this on KSRTC website.

  • akhil says:

    Hey arun I have to reach pala from ernakulam on Sunday evening after the isl please suggest me with the available buses

  • SHAN says:


  • Francis says:

    Hi arun I would like to know volvo ac bus timing ernakulam to kotayam

  • Francis says:

    Hi arun please help me to know the timing of ac volvo ernakulam to kotayam

  • Hari K Nair says:

    Good. However, there is no regular / prompt update of timings. You need to keep refreshing / updating the timings promptly for all the locations – only then can the passengers depend on & plan travels.

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