Pazhassiraja Review – Its an Instant SuperHit

Kerala Varma Pazhassiraja

I managed to get the tickets for Pazhassiraja on the first day from PVR, Bangalore. Now all the tickets are already booked for the next 3 days in PVR. Here is a short review of Pazhassiraja.

Pazhassiraja was released in around 130 theaters in Kerala and got the record initial collection. Thanks to the Brand Mammootty, his huge fan base and the pre-release hype and publicity it got. Pazhassiraja is the most anticipated and the costliest movie ever released in Kerala.

Thankfully the film lived up to the hype and expectations. But do not expect another “Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha”. Its good that Pazhassiraja has no resemblance to “Veeragadha”. Pazhassiraja is based on history and so there is no place for too much heroism and punch dialogues.

The first half of the movie is good. Mammootty has a simple intro in the movie. Sarath got a better intro. The director could have avoided Jagdeesh’s role.

But the second half of Pazhassiraja is simply awesome. And the movie ends with a great climax.

The action sequences are of top class in Indian standards. And the guerrilla war is the best i have seen in India movies. The action director Ravi Diwan (Jodha Akbar fame) has done justice to his caliber. The sound effects during the action sequences are of Hollywood standards. Thanks to Resul Pookkutty for that. And do watch the movie in a theater with good sound effects.

The film is 3 hours 15 minutes long. Do not worry. We wont get bored even for 1 minute.

Editing could have been better. Editing in action sequences is good. But there are some glitches in editing which hinders the smooth flow. May be they tried to squeeze the movie to around 3 hours.

Cinematography is good. And there are some picture perfect frames in the movie.

I wont say this is a complete Mammootty movie. Each character in the movie has their own importance. Sarath Kumar plays an equally important role. And Manoj K Jayan, Suresh Krishna, Padma Priya etc have done their roles perfectly. And frankly speaking, i must say that Mammootty is under utilized in Pazhassiraja. Its only during the last portions, that we get to see some good acting skills of Mammookka. But he looks perfect as The King. No other actor in India can be so gracious and proud looking than him.

This movie is a MUST WATCH. The fact that it got one round of applause after the movie ended tells that it is going to be a sure superhit.

Proud to be an Indian, Proud to be a Mallu and moreover Proud to be a Mammootty Fan


My Rating : 4/5


Director : Hariharan

Writer : MT Vasudevan Nair

Lyrics : ONV Kurup

Music: Illayaraja

Sound Design: Resul Pookkutty

Producer: Gokulam Gopalan

Starring: Mega Star Mammootty, Sarath Kumar, Manoj K Jayan, Kanika, Padma Priya, Thilakan, Suman, Suresh Krishna

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Mammootty in Pazhassiraja

Mammootty in Pazhassiraja

Pazhassiraja Poster

Pazhassiraja Poster


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An excerpt from the above review about Mammootty’s Character

“Unlike much of the super hero films, we can feel a maturity in Mammooty’s acting in this film…not many punch dialogues, no act of over heroism, no circuses with tough words which normal man would never have really heard of…He is calm but bold,  kind but brave,  simple but superior ruler… His looks,  style of walking, way of speech everything is just like a real ruler… I doubt anyone else currently existing in Malayalam film world can depict “Lion of Kerala” better than Mammootty….”

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  • rahul says:

    Good review .. thanks alot

  • Ameen says:

    Superb review. Looking forward to see it ASAP.
    Technically the movie will struggle to be a ‘hit’ as because of the very high budget.

  • thoma says:


    Yes, its really difficult to collect 27 crores from Kerala itself.

    But the movie is releasing in other languages also. Hope the movie will be a hit in Tamil Nadu because of the Sarath Kumar factor. And if that is the case, collecting more than 27 crores wont be a problem.

  • balu says:’s an instant hit..Not even a minute is boring

  • Manu says:

    but I dont think its going to collect any money from bollywood. they could have tried releasing it one or more of the other south indian languages than in Hindi

  • thoma says:


    True. They may not like the Hindi version. The tastes are different rite.

  • Jishnu says:

    Good review. I watched the movie on the second day. Planning to watch again. As you said, Mammootty is a bit underutilized. Songs could have been done better. Overall a good movie which meets the expectations.

  • Jean says:

    Interesting review. Your admiration for Mammootty stands out. The length of the movies scares me, but I would like to give it a try!
    Have a good week.

  • Rifan says:

    Great review!
    @ thoma, do u think Mammootty has the scope to fetch any major awards for his performance in this movie?

  • siju says:

    Hai arun thomas congrats for ur review.
    i think u are a mammoty fan.
    Frankly speaking i also watched the movie, i personally thinking that the movie is not upto the mark , as we all mallu audience expected. camera work , scene location, sound coordination excellent….its really a treat…(that we will get in hollywood movies also). But we mallu audience want the class…..that is missing in this movie..
    oru vadakkan veera ghadha is a class. As a mallu audience we cant forget that film never in our life…. our mega star become bharat mamooty after that. But pazhassiraja how many days it will be in our mind i dont know…its not a comparison, but we all expected some thing in this like oru va veera gadha.
    sarath was excellent, manoj k jayan and padmapriya done well…
    mamooty is not up to his standards…thats it thanks.

    guys dont forget this also for making a film is not that much their crew every one is working hard to make it as a big sucess…hands of to them…bye………

  • vishnu says:

    excellent review…

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